Vice Admiral
 Paul H. Ramsey

Vice Admiral Paul H. Ramsey
Vice Adm. Paul H. Ramsey was the air warfare director for the Chief of Naval Operations before he took command of Task Force 77, made up of half a dozen swift attack carriers of the Seventh Fleet.
Paul H. Ramsey, born in Springfield, Ohio, was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and first served as a gunnery observer in 1927 aboard the battleship Tennessee, which was sunk in 1941 at Pearl Harbor.

He became a combat pilot and test pilot who, in 1937, flew a PBY-1 Catalina from San Diego to Hawaii. In 1941, he took command of Fighting Squadron 2B aboard the carrier Lexington. A year later Japanese pilots sank the Lexington in the Battle of the Coral Sea. The squadron's pilots shot down 12 enemy planes and damaged eight others in the battle.

In the Korean War, Admiral Ramsey commanded the carrier Philippine Sea. He retired in 1966 to become an aerospace consultant to the Sperry Rand Corporation and the Gyrodyne Company of America.

The admiral had a wife, Isabelle; two sons, Rear Adm. William E. Ramsey, the director of Naval Space Systems, and James E. Ramsey of Columbus, Ohio, and four grandchildren.