A Fraternity is a group of people sharing a common profession, interests, friendship and mutual support within that group.  
There could be no better description of our organization.   We share the profession of Arms and are universally interested in the cause of protecting the freedoms we share and hold so dear.   Our gatherings strengthen our long standing friendships and often lead to mutual support and understanding, both during, and outside the event.

As you'll notice by reviewing our site, or even just the list of main pages in the navigation menu to the left, our organization also is dedication to sharing and preserving the traditions of our respective services and honoring the memory of our fallen comrades. 

This site has the duel purpose of promoting the annual event we use to foster our fraternity, and to educate visitors in the history and traditions of the organization and the services who participate.  We are constantly updating and improving this and welcome any ideas or content that may be appropriate.  

By reviewing our list of past speakers, you will see that they are of unusually high caliber and have provided us with extremely interesting thoughts about our common profession.

By viewing our photos from past events, you will easily see the friendship and mutual support this organization brings to its members.

We pray that you enjoy this site, and that it encourages you to help us keep this valuable organization, and the traditions and values it encompasses, flourishing well into the future.  Hope you join us, if you can.